Land grabbing ‘ll not work in Benue, Middle Belt – Gov. Ortom boys vows

A Group loyal to Governor Samuel Ortom has vowed that the Fulanisation agenda allegedly being pushed by herdsmen and some cabals in the presidency will not succeed in Benue State and the middle- belt region in Nigeria.

The Group under the aegis of Benue Youth Forum, said it watched with dismayed the utterance of the Minister of Justice, Abubakar Malami on Channels Television recently, where he was responding to the ban on open grazing by Southern Governors.

“Condemning the endorsement of ranching by Southern Governors, equating spare parts business with open grazing in such a bizarre manner is evident of the jihadists agenda of the Buhari’s government”, is an evidence that Malami and the presidency is pushing for Fulanisation of Nigeria, President of the Group, Mr. Terrence Kuanum said in a statement sent to our correspondent.

Kuanum who tagged the Fulani movement as land grabbing and colony agenda, said the act was first resisted by Governor Ortom long before the southern governors woke up from their slumber.

“Ortom was the first to revolt against President Buhari’s plan to take over middle-belt region and turn it to Fulani Republic: Ortom’s resistance has earned him the prestigious title of the Biblical Moses who rescued the Israelites from the claws of blood testy King Pharaoh.

“When our Governor raised the alarm the rest of the country appeared at that time not to bother. Many thought that Benue was only dramatizing the killings. But sooner than later, the killings got to the doorsteps of those who castigated Ortom and other Benue people”, Kuanum said.Ortom

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