BUHARI, behind BOKO HARAM’S ,LALONG hires by jihadists to Conquer Middlebelt – says Group

Barely on week after the Benue state governor Dr. Samuel Ortom accused President Muhammadu Buhari of backing the killer Fulani herdemen, Middlebelt Ethnic Youth leaders Assembly has also accused the President of probability of been on of the sponsors of the deadly Boko Haram.

Governor Samuel Ortom last week on Channels Television lamblasted Buhari’s ungolden silence over the massacre by killer Fulani militias, his kinsmen,pointing out that his silence is a prove that the president is unconcerned about the killings in middlebelt region.

Ortom maintained that the president shouldn’t placed priorities on cows more that human beings, noting that all his programmes are targeted to improve the life of cows against Nigerians.

While speaking in Jos , Plateau state capital yesterday on the coordinated attacks on Plateau and the entire Middlebelt,the President General of Middlebelt Ethnic Youth Leaders Assembly, comrade Timothy Hembaor,, alleged that Plateau state governor Mr. Simon Lalong, is a hired agent of the President coordinating the killings in middlebelt.

Hembaor said,”Before he won the presidency in 2015, Boko Haram chose him to represent them at the negotiating table when President Goodluck Jonathan wanted peace with the terrorist group. You can only represent those you are balmy with. This was reported by The Nation newspaper on 2nd November, 2012.”

“Just look back at 10 intriguing headlines of our national dailies in the past and where we are at the moment in terms security as a NATION to comfirm our assertion.”

“Boko Haram picks Buhari to moderate talks with the government of Nigeria.
The Nation Newspaper, November 2, 2012.”

” Stop killing Boko Haram members, Buhari tells FG.
Point Blank News, June 2, 2013″

“. Buhari faults clampdown on Boko Haram members.
The Nation, June 2, 2013. “

“Military Offensive Against Boko Haram, Anti-North – Buhari.
All Africa News, June 3, 2013.”

“How Buhari stopped us from fighting Boko Haram” – South African mercenaries.
The Guardian Newspaper, November 26, 2018.”

“FG is setting our killers free – soldiers kick as 1,400 Boko Haram suspects are released.
The Cable, February 11, 2020. “

“. Nigerian government to release 603 repentant Boko Haram terrorists back to society.
Sahara Reporters, June 11, 2020.”

” 356 soldiers tender resignation to Buratai, cite loss of sincerity in Boko Haram War.
Punch, July 12, 2020.”

” 601 ex-Boko Haram combatants graduate in Gombe.
The Nation, July 26, 2020.”

” 601 repentant terrorists graduate, receive first payments.
Punch Newspaper, July 26, 2020. “

Hembaor added, “this array of forensic evidence shows clearly that Muhammadu Buhari wore the toga of the leader of Boko Haram before his presidency and thereafter, it has been smooth sailing ever since. The gullibility of the Nigerian public is so appalling and disgusting. As a soldier, he needed the collaboration of his service chiefs who stayed beyond their statutory service years and even negotiated their post service soft landing. This is from a man who does not extend favours easily. How can it be rationalised, how Fulani Herdsmen carries sophisticated military grade automatic weapons (guns) publicly and no security outfit makes them accountable. The protection is from the top and rarely when some arrests are made, the Fulani militias are spirited out of harms way with a numbing speed. They are the untouchables in Nigeria. “

“Those of us at the receiving end of Fulani militia are in serious trouble. But these are issues that will be settled with the passage of time. This country is too important and strategic to crumble under the hegemony of Fulani adventurism. It is reprehensible that in this age of cutting edge technology, a leader of the world’s largest and most important nation will be concerned with grazing routes, infact the federal capital territory has been overtaken by cows who cause fatal accident. Roaming cattle have been fingered as contributing to global warming by their litter and degradation of the environment. It is a bleeding shame that our cows are plainly notorious but they cannot compare to better raised herds elsewhere in their production of meat and other diary products. You can count their rib bones as they parambulate across the width and breadth of Nigeria.”

Hembaor accused Governor Simon LALONG of WORKING WITH FULANI HERDSMEN to take over middlebelt.

“They say all politics is local and the decision to allow a particular tribe in Nigeria to kill at random is as political as it can get. It is not episodic but a sustained and regular release of violence on the people of Nigeria with the President and Commander in Chief refusing to raise a voice nor finger to condemn it just because the perpetrators are his kinsmen.”

“I come from Benue state where it all started, where for the first time, our state government buried 78 people, people who died at the hands of the Fulani militia just so that their land would be taken away for cattle and other livestock to feed on. When Governor Ortom met Buhari to report the insecurity in his state, Buhari simply replied; “go and learn to live with your neighbours” suggesting killer fulani terrorists neighbours to good people of Benue State.
Sadly, these militia consider farms as well tended fodder and they just drive their livestock through the farms and any whimper from the farmers brings instant death to children, women and men who are around.”

He added, ” this is happening in the present world and time in a country called Nigeria and it happens everyday.
When the government of Benue State sought and brought a legal solution by establishing an anti open grazing law, the governor of Plateau state, Simon Lalong called his Benue State counterpart names, saying he had warned him about the law. Now, the governor of Plateau state is wearing these shoes and his reaction tells us that he is in cahoots with the Fulani militia. He denies that the killings do not happen and when he declared a curfew and people were still killed in the night, he said the Fulani do not kill in the night. It clearly shows that he knows more than the average person.”

“The duty of government is to protect lives and property but not to defend the perpetrators and blame the victims. But in a desperate attempt to be balmy with the President, Governor Lalong has betrayed the trust of the people of Plateau state and even beyond. “

“In the early days of civilian democracy, our late governor, Aper Aku was in a meaningful synergy with late Solomon Lar who was the governor of Plateau state then. It is a historical fact that Benue State was exited out of Plateau State and this collaboration between those two governments was meant to acknowledge the bond between the two states. It went beyond the Benue Valley because Aper Aku synergised with late Clement Isong who was the governor of Cross Rivers state and late Melford Okilo who was the governor of Rivers state. These three governors raised the minority question in the Nigerian polity to the level that we have a Central Nigeria Zone as a bargaining chip in the Nigerian State. And lack of appreciation for the minority question is at the heart of injustice in the land”.

“Put together, minorities in Nigeria out number the so called Nigerian majority tripod and people like Governor Lalong are the square pegs used to tear us apart from collaborating for the common good. It starts with a loss of identity, submerging a whole tribe into the cauldron of other cultures language and other modes of life. This lack of identity results in an inferiority complex which spreads like a virus through the fabric of the whole tribe. There was a time Jos and Plateau state was the most peaceful state in this country with a pristine weather to match. It is gone, fuelled by snitches like Simon Lalong.”

He vowed that middlebelt youth will continue to use any lawful means to defend middlebelt region against jihadists invasion.

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