Support A Northern Christian For President In 2023 If You’re Sincere About Your Call For Equity, CNNC Tells Northern Coalition Movement

The Congress of Northern Nigeria Christians, CNNC has asked the Northern Coalition Movement to support a Northern Christian President In 2023 if they are sincere about their call for equity.

 In a statement signed by  Elder Stephen Bangoji, its National President, it said; “Though CNNC is apolitical, we are pained to see a group by the name Northern Coalition Movement, laying claim to figures that the population of Fulani’s,Hausa and other ethnic groups in the North are forming a whopping number of the  Nigerian population. 

We wish to respectfully draw your attention to the large number of over 350 ethnic groups in the North that are not of the ethnic groups mentioned and do not necessarily share one religion.
Speaking CNCC said; “Furthermore, party politics should to a large extent be devoid of religious or ethnic sentiments so that the large population you are claiming can have peace and vote according to their desire and conscience. As a group speaking for Northern Christians, we feel your presentation is quite economical with the truth as to the population mix in your presentation.

  We, therefore, dissociate ourselves from your stance which is likely going to create unnecessary tensions and divisions bearing in mind that religion and ethnicity will only fuel needless tension and pull us farther apart as a people.
According to Northern Coalition Movement spokesman” there’s outstanding balance of four (4) years for the north and no amount of grandstanding propelled by threat and intimidations by the southern governors or their social-cultural group will make us abandon our balance of four years just because people are threatening the peaceful coexistence of Nigeria” CNNC noted with regret that despite that power has been in the north for many years with all the security chiefs from North, the north is the MOST insecure part of Nigeria, we wonder what we gained as northerners.
“For record purposes, northern Nigeria is not only for Muslims or Hausa/Fulani. Other tribes/ Christians are worth over 65% of the gross population of northern Nigeria. Please check the records, Fulanis are only but 5%, stop the propaganda of 40 million Fulanis.  If not hypocrisy, how can the northern coalition movement suddenly metamorphose into advocates of equity, fairness, balance, and togetherness, when their pay-masters rule Nigeria under massive corruption, lopsided appointment, and aborted justice with impunity,” CNNC said?

CNNC in its statement said that the NCM should support a northern Christian for president in 2023 if it is sincere about its call for equity.

“NCM should take a look at President Buhari’s appointment; out of twenty-two (22) ministers only two (2) are Christians 10%, the Service Chiefs from the north are all Muslims (Fulani &Hausa) and Heads of Agencies are all Muslims, in fact, Muslims of other tribes are equally marginalized.  Honestly, Christians constitute 65% of the population in the north. If there’s justice, there will be peace and harmony.”

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