The Giant North Weeps

We may all pretend all we want but no one can deny this, even if the temptation to be untrue to oneself for a mess of pottage cannot be resisted: Northern Nigeria is in distress, gripped by the cold hands of insurgency, bandits, kidnappers and assorted criminals. The region, once the most peaceful in the land, has become the most violent.

Daily, the killings go on and daily the blood of the innocent flows. And daily despair, hopelessness and desperation among the people deepen. This ought not to be so.

It is right and proper that some elite and youth groups in the region are loudly crying out to President Buhari to rise up to the challenges that face him and his region and end the reign of criminals and turn it from being the killing fields of the country back to the peaceful and prosperous food basket of the nation.

An unsafe northern Nigeria is an unsafe Nigeria. These elite and youth groups have been attacked, of course, by those who think that making the president live in denial creates the path to his greatness as a leader. They are wrong and they know it.

This is not politics. It is about the safety of the country and its people. It is about ending the reign of criminals in the region. It is about making the government, if you would excuse the expression, find its balls.

It is about the duty the government owes the people to make them safe and secure in their own country.

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